The mission of the Office of 咨询服务 is to provide a professional and confidential setting for the psychological, 情感, 精神上的, and developmental support in a Christian atmosphere, of a diverse body of students as they pursue academic goals and explore personal growth.

College students face many obstacles and difficulties. Sometimes these obstacles can become quite overwhelming. Talking with a counselor can help these struggles seem less stressful and can help resolve personal issues. The Office of 咨询服务 provides confidential counseling in a caring atmosphere to assist students in dealing with their innermost needs. Sometimes a one-time consultation may be enough to get students started in a helpful direction. Sometimes more intense services are necessary. 通过提供评估, 个别咨询, 团体咨询, 以及转介服务, students will have the opportunities to develop into more confident, mature individuals who can achieve academic and personal success.


  • Free, confidential, professional counseling for students
  • 心理健康检查和评估
  • 团体咨询
  • 家庭暴力
  • 转介服务
  • 教育al information and resources regarding mental health

What are the most common problems and issues addressed at the Office of 咨询服务?

  • 抑郁症
  • 焦虑
  • 化学物质滥用
  • 乡愁
  • 的关系
  • 愤怒管理
  • 减压
  • 过去痛苦的家庭生活
  • 悲伤


Nick Bloodworth, LMFT, Director of Counseling

Nick has a Master’s of Science in 婚姻家庭治疗 and a Master’s of Arts in Psychology. Nick has more than 10 years of experience in working in the field of counseling. His variety of experience involves working professionally with those with depression, 焦虑, 愤怒的问题, 和创伤. He is a Certified Batterer’ Intervention Provider for domestic violence, 有没有接受过创伤治疗(CBT)的培训, 接受过治疗精神病的认知行为疗法的培训. nwbloodworth@linniegreenberg.net

Amy Scott, LMFT,员工顾问

Amy has been working in the mental health field for 15 years. She has a Master’s degree of 神学 in Pastoral Care and Counseling, and a Master’s degree in 婚姻家庭治疗. 在过去的几年里, Amy has worked in various private practices, 在社区精神健康诊所, and in several school settings working with individuals diagnosed with ADHD, 焦虑, 抑郁症, 创伤相关症状, 悲伤, 自闭症和与家庭有关的问题.

Dr. 韦斯利·保罗,MFTA,员工顾问

韦斯利拥有管理学硕士学位, 婚姻家庭治疗硕士, and a Doctorate (DMin) in Pastoral Care and Counseling. Dr. Wesley specializes in counseling for 焦虑, 恐慌障碍, 愤怒管理, 婚姻咨询. He strives to make a difference in the lives of those he works with. 他利用自己的经验, 知识, and training to help individuals/couples gain better and more fulfilled lives.


Counselors at the Office of 咨询服务 maintain client confidentiality to the fullest extent allowed by law, 职业道德, 制度规则. 学生 will be informed about the counselor’s commitment to confidentiality and its limits before engaging in counseling.


Enrolled students can request therapy services by calling the CU-Well intake line, 502-694-1444, 或者登录http://cu-well.com/, clicking on “clients” in the upper right corner of the page, completing the “Schedule Counseling” form, 提交请求. 学生 can also walk into student services building on Main Campus during regular hours to consult with an on-site therapist. When calling or submitting a request online, the administrative assistant from the CU-Well will contact you to complete the paperwork required to be seen by one of our counselors/therapists. 办公室从早上9点开始营业.m. 到晚上9点.m.周一至周四,早上8点.m. 到5点.m. 星期五. All appointments will be in the 学生服务 Building, located at 1 University Dr.肯塔基州坎贝尔斯维尔市.

目前, we are providing services both in-person and via telehealth to Harrodsburg and Campbellsville students. All satellite locations for Campbellsville大学 students are provided telehealth services. To determine how we can best support you, the initial session will be to determine the needs of the students. 在咨询期间, we will help you to work on specific treatment goals such as managing depression/焦虑, 改善情绪, 改善人际关系, 或者管理压力. While we are able to address most mental health concerns, some may require a more specialized or intensive service that we will assist you in connecting to these resources within the community to support you with those needs.



College can be an exciting, pleasurable, but sometimes difficult challenge. To help students cope with the everyday stresses of college life, we would like to introduce to you Ulifeline. Developed by the nationally recognized Jed Foundation, working with University of Arizona Counseling and Psychological Services, Ulifeline is a unique and powerful mental health resource for students. It is free; personal and anonymous; designed specifically for college students; and easily accessed 24-7. 我们邀请您访问www.Ulifeline.查看这些服务:

  • A self-screening program for you to take if you are concerned about your own feelings or emotions or those of a friend.
  • A program that will answer questions about mental health issues.
  • 庞大的心理健康资源库.
  • Links to our office here on Campbellsville大学’s Campus.


  • 为自己打电话
  • 给你关心的人打电话
  • 打电话交谈
  • 打电话寻求帮助
  • 打电话救人